Something About The Differences Between FairwayWood And Hybrid Clubs

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With golf, it is extremely important for golfers to understand the functions and effects of each golf club, because only to know when to use which club for the best shot.

In this article, We would like to share with you a somethings about the difference between Fairway Wood and Hybrid clubs.

Specific characteristics :

Fairway Wood Golf Club:

Phân biệt gậy Fairway Wood và gậy Hybrid

Fairway wood – this is a familiar wooden club for golfers, It is called a wooden club because the head is made of wood. It is designed quite simple but extremely delicate. The features that you can easily recognize in Fairway clubs are the large tip, raft, and a wide contact surface. This is also a golf club with a long handle, allowing the golfer to perform bounce shots or to hit par 5 long balls.

However, today it has been changed to titanium material to reduce the weight of the club. Titanium also works to increase the durability of the club while helping the ball to fly longer. The fairway is considered to be one of the most important clubs for golfers. If you are a newbie, you should choose to buy the number 1, 3, 5 fairway clubs. In which, the number 1 will be the indispensable Drivers in the golf bag.

 Hybrid Golf Club:


3 mẫu gậy hybrid đáng mua nhất hiện nay

One of the indispensable clubs in the match is the Hybrid. Some people mistakenly think that Hybrid is another way of calling fairway. So what is a Hybrid golf club?
The Hybrid golf club is another name for Rescue. The Hybrid club is a very useful club in saving the balls golfer’s predicament. This golf club is considered an instrument of patronage and is of particular importance to a golfer. The club’s loft ranges between 18-27 degrees. It also contained the features of Irons (irons) and fairway woods. Since then, a long-distance ball hit is also quite easy for golfers compared to a long iron club.

 Compare the specifications of the Fairway wood and Hybrid ( Rescue )

gậy rescue là gì

Based on the above parameters, you can also know somewhat about the characteristics and length of two clubs.

On the other hand, you need to pay attention to some other characteristics that are: hit position, strike distance to the ball, etc…

 Hit position
For fairway wood, it will be used to hit on the fairways, but Hybrid is different, it is not only used to hit on the fairway like wood, but also to save the ball outside the rough, bunker.

Hit distance
For distance, Hybrid is usually used for shorter distances from 170 to 210y. Wood sticks are used for distances from 200 to 250y, based on these useful parameters, golfers can adjust themselves to best suit each situation on the field.

It is very important for beginners to understand the differences between the clubs, if you understand the key criteria of a club you can use it well and put the ball in the hole easier than ever.


Thus, with the above article, it is clear how to distinguish Hybrid sticks and fairway wood. Perhaps now you have the answer.

Wishing you success in conquering this noble sport of Golf.