The Only Watch Brands That I Trust And Buy From

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top watch brands to follow

Recently, Rob, my buddy from shared with me his favorite watch brands and reasons why he loved them so much. To be honest, I’m not a big fan of watches. Especially when I’ve been wearing my old Timex watch for the last couple of years without any intention to buy a new one. But after a few hours of chatting, I could finally see why some people are mad about watches.

And to not waste time anymore, here are the top watch brands that Rob loved and wanted to share with me and my readers. Try to see if your favorite brands are here or not.

The first brand that he loves and recommends is Citizen. Yes, the watch powerhouse from Japan that every man and his dog know about. In fact, I believe that my dad used to have a great Citizen men’s watch, even though I couldn’t remember the series.

But after hearing from him and doing some researches online, I can clearly see why this brand has a big number of followers. Their trade-mark technology, the Eco-Drive movement, is the biggest selling point right now for the brand. And if you live a green life, then I highly recommend you take a look at these timepieces.

Another great brand that he talked about a lot was Invicta. Yep, you guessed it right! Invicta has grown into a big watchmaker over the past decades or so. Their wide range of reasonably priced products and their good eyes for styling have been their biggest selling points over other competitors.

You can have a very good looking Invicta watch on your wrist with just a fraction of cost comparing to other products of the same class from other brands. And did I mention that their watches also have great warranty policies as well?

The next one on the list was Bulova. And I’m sure that is a very familiar name to many of you guys. Bulova has been manufacturing and selling their timepieces for a long time. And their reputation as a watchmaker has grown up strong over time. What I love about Bulova watches is that they almost always have something new to show. You can’t find 2 almost-identical Bulova watches even if they belong to the same series.

And what sets this watch brand apart also is that they set their prices at reasonable levels also. That means you get a good deal for your money. And some Bulova watches might be heirlooms that you can give to your child with confidence!

And last but not least, I present to you Casio, another big name in the watch world! Yes, another Japanese powerhouse. And I guess no one could argue about that. Seriously, if you haven’t heard about Casio G-Shock or some other well-known series from the brand, then you might be from another world! Casio has a great reputation in the watchmaking industry. And not just ordinary people who respect them. Even their biggest competitors respect Casio for their innovativeness.

So, next time, if you really want to bring home a good watch that impresses the hell out of everyone around you, I highly recommend a Casio watch. It won’t let you down!