Why Baseball Is Better Than Football?

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In the recent past, the popularity of baseball has grown steadily overtaking that of football, especially in the US and Europe. Even in continents like Africa and Asia where football is the predominant sport, a growing number of people are showing great interest in the sport. It is undoubtedly true that baseball is a better and superior sport compared to football. The growing popularity of the sport has lead to an increase in wood bats brands as well as the models and brands of other baseball equipment. Here are some of the top reasons why baseball is superior to football:

Risk of injury

In baseball, players require to have the necessary protective gear before stepping into the pitch to play. This gear provides players with the ultimate protection against all types of injuries while on the pitch. For instance, the helmet provides the best protection against head injuries from flying balls and bats. The foot and hand protection provides protection from injuries to the feet and hands. On the other hand, football players do not have any protection other than on their feet and gloves for the goalkeepers. As such, footballers are more prone to injuries compared to baseball players.


Every baseball stadium is unique

Baseball differs greatly not only with football but also with other sports in terms of stadiums. Every baseball stadium and park features its own design, field dimensions and its own charm. Some baseball parks are pitcher’s parks while others are hitter’s parks. Other parks are there in between. Even though modern football stadiums are unique, they feature standard designs and are similar in appearance. The diversification in baseball parks adds to the fun and excitement of the sport.

All-round skills

Football is a sport that is reserved for specialists whereby most players need to have defined skills and play in one position. Baseball on the other hand is a team game in which the fate of the game can rest in the hands of a single batter to play in the final inning. Baseball players can play in any position and are free to rotate their playing positions depending on the game they are playing. Baseball players do not need to possess all-round skills. This in turn makes it possible for baseball players to play in different positions depending on their strengths. For secrets and tips on how to become a good baseball player, visit Baseball Eagle.

Flexible playing schedules

There is no specific length of time in which baseball should be played while the playing schedule in football is fixed. A full game of football is played for 90 minutes with a 15 minutes break between each 45 minutes halves. In cases when there must be a winner in a particular football game, an additional 30 minutes are added before proceeding to penalty shootouts if the tie is not broken. On the other hand, baseball has no playing limit as extra innings can stretch for hours. The limitless nature of the playing schedules in baseball gives fans added fun and excitement.

Success in baseball is earned

In football, a player can make an instant impact on their teams immediately after leaving high school. On the other hand, in baseball players require to invest their effort and time in the sport before they can accrue great success. This makes it possible for baseball players to work their way up in the sport rather than in football where players only focus on a single skill thus achieving instant success. It is worth noting that football players find it extremely hard to acquire new skills especially if they are considering changing their playing skills.

Baseball is a classic family sport

The most fascinating aspect about baseball is that it is a sport that can be played by everyone in the family. Unlike football, baseball does not have any demanding physiques for the players. As such, the young and the old can play the sport comfortably without straining. Football on the other hand involves a lot of running across the field and thus the players require to be strong physically to withstand the pressure of playing the sport.

Ideally, when you decide to venture into playing baseball, consider investing in good turf shoes. Additionally, find a new bag for baseball for storing your gear and playing equipment and carrying them to the pitch. Baseball is a game for everyone and will ultimately provide you with a great opportunity to work out and burn excess calories.