Types of filters and water filters for aquariums


Do you own an aquarium in your house? And do you ever learn about the best filters for your small aquarium? On the market today there are many types of water filters for aquariums that you can use for your aquarium. Each filter has a design that is specific to the needs of each farmer. This article introduces the types of aquarium filters currently in use.

What is an aquarium water filter?

Aquarium water filters also have many other names such as aquarium filters, aquarium water filters, water filter pumps, aquarium filter pumps, aquarium water filters, aquarium water filters or equipment Water treatment for fish tanks. This is a device that filters the water in the aquarium thanks to the filters that come with the filter. Water is treated cleanly of waste, toxins and toxic gases suspended in the water, making the aquarium clean, oxygen-rich to help the creatures in the lake live healthier.

Typically a filter has 3 filter layers that are: mechanical filter layer, chemical filter layer, and biological filter layer.

  • Mechanical filtration (coarse filtration) is the place where the process of capturing particles, tiny contaminants is suspended in water thanks to filtration materials such as filter cotton.
  • Chemical filtration layer (chemical filtration) is the place where the process of handling toxic chemicals in water thanks to filtering materials such as ceramic filter, activated carbon (carbon), debris. The primary goal is to absorb excess nutrients or chemicals from the aquarium.
  • Biofilter (microbiological filtration) is the place where the disintegration of various bacteria takes place. This is called the nitrogen cycle where waste, uneaten food, and mushrooms are broken down to produce ammonia. Ammonia is a poison that adversely affects aquarium fish, if there is enough space for beneficial bacteria to grow, the nitrogen cycle will continue to work to help remove aquarium nitrates (metabolized from NH3 / Ammonia -> NO2 / Nitrite -> NO3 / Nitrate -> N2 / Nitrogen soar). A good biofilter is one that provides enough oxygen and has space for bacteria to grow.

Now that you know the three filter layers that can be used, we continue to explore the different types of filtration in the aquarium filter system. These types of filters can take advantage of 1, 2 or all 3 filter layers for their filtration systems.

Hang On Back Filter

The hang on back filter is a type of filter that helps clean the aquarium water according to the waterfall model, most commonly used because it comes with standard mechanical, chemical and biological filtration systems. It also has a nice design, is easy to use and installs into an aquarium. The filter is hung directly on the wall of the back or side of the aquarium and draws water from the tank through a siphon.


– The flow created by hang on back filter is quite weak and only revolves around one place.

– This type of filter is small, not many filter accessories, not suitable for use in large tanks. Large tanks should use a tank filter.

Sponge Filter:

Suck filter is a fairly simple filter, used to suck suspended dirt in the water to help clear water. The simple, compact design can be homemade, placed directly into the aquarium and has an air tube of aeration machine (effervescent oxygen machine) vented to the outside. They are made primarily for use in breeding tanks, fry nursery tanks (juveniles), treatment tanks for fish or small fish tanks, invertebrates. As a cheap filter, if you have limited financial resources, you can use it for all tanks from mini aquariums to large aquariums.


– When cleaning the sponge, be careful to use too hot water that can kill the beneficial bacteria here. Just remove the big plaque is okay.

– Sponges (sucking, microfiltration) are the residence of microorganisms, beneficial bacteria.

– Foam filter makes noise from air bubbles.

Canister Filter

Canister Filter are a type of filter in the form of closed tanks placed outside the lake, helping to filter out the water and toxins in the lake. Tank filters create good flow for the tank and can remove dust and dirt from the bottom of the tank. This is the most favorite type of filter used by aquarist, especially for aquariums of 40 galons or more. Suitable for all purposes from freshwater aquarium to marine aquarium.

The barrel filter offers the best mechanical, chemical and biological filtration mechanism thanks to its significantly larger size than the hanging waterfall filter. The filters are also large, so they can handle larger volumes of water in a short time.


Biofiltering is mainly based on the presence of oxygen in water when passing through it. Because the barrel filter is a closed-type filter, without air in contact with the water, the biological filtration here is not as effective as the mechanical and chemical filtration mechanism of this filter.

Undergravel Filter

Undergravel Filter is a filter located at the bottom of the lake, pulling water through gravel / substrate to filter water. Suitable for mini aquariums, not for aquariums because the substrate will be sucked into the filter.


– Chemical filtration class is not available at this Undergravel filter.

In addition, stir the surface and clean otherwise the plaque will build up, which causes a lot of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) gas to smell and smell rotten.

Internal Filter

Internal Filter is a type of water filter placed inside, completely submerged under the tank water.

This filter is quite compact, simple modern design, suitable for small tanks, mini fish tanks. Most people use this filter for tanks of less than 20 gal, which are attached to one side of the aquarium glass like a hanging waterfall filter.

Some others prefer to put the Internal filter at the bottom of the aquarium so that the dirt is sucked into the filter, not enough time to settle.

Some Internal filters have an additional aerator to raise the water through the filter, which helps the biological filtration mechanism to be better thanks to the addition of oxygen for microorganisms to function.


You may find that there are many types of aquarium water filters that you can choose from. To choose the right filter for your aquarium or aquarium, first find out how many species you are keeping in your tank and the characteristics of each.

After knowing the necessary information and equipping appropriate effervescent equipment, you will not spend too much time on your aquarium. Instead, use the time of the coming years to enjoy the beauty of the aquatic ecosystem you have built.





















The Real Reasons Why Many People Love Citizen Watches


citizen nighthawk watch

When it comes to watches brands from Japan, most people would instantly think of Casio, Seiko, Orient, and Citizen. But among them all, Citizen seems to be the most loved one. Why? If you’re wondering the same thing, then today, I will share with you the real reasons why people love Citizen watches so much.

The first reason might be that Citizen watches almost always come with perfect timekeeping ability. Thanks to many advanced technologies in watchmaking, especially the world-renowned Citizen Eco-Drive technology, and the Japanese Quartz movement technology, customers are almost always happy with what they get when it comes to time precision.

Another important reason is that Citizen watches do offer a lot of eye-catching designs that other brands like Seiko, Casio, etc. can’t offer. Just think about it for a moment, would you trade money for a good looking watch that can automatically attract people’s attention or just a bland watch that comes from a well-known brand? If you choose the former option, then Citizen would be happy to sponsor that option for you!

And finally, what I, and many other people, love the most about this Japanese watch brand is that they just keep improving and improving as time goes by. Especially when it comes to watchmaking technologies. There are many new collections coming out every year. Citizen Nighthawk, Citizen Navihawk, Citizen PCAT, just to name a few. And you can definitely say that those watch collections are really nice to have.

Who Should Wear Smartwatches to Work?



Smartwatches have taken the world by storm in recent years, and this is due to their incredible style and functionality. However, with the advancement of smartwatch technology and smartwatch designs, they are slowly becoming a great option for many professionals, and here are some guidelines for who should wear them to work.

Smartwatches have taken the functionality of a watch to an entirely new level. Let’s talk about the Apple smartwatches, for example. There are many popular watch choices for nurses, both male and female, but these medical professionals are gearing more toward modern wristwatches like the Apple ones.

The reason is that nowadays, these watches are equipped with Wi-Fi, BlueTooth, and GPS technology, with other watches having even more features. With all these features, medical workers like the ones working in the EMS will have a much better chance to assist people in needs. The possibilities and functions of a smartwatch are basically limitless. With all these apps available to be installed on the smartwatch, it would be impossible to say that there won’t be anything available that can greatly aid people at work.

Staying connected to the world around you is even more important in today’s world. Even when you’re out there biking or cycling your way to the top of a hill, it’s better to have a smartwatch designed for biking to assist you along the way. Missing a call or a piece of news from your office can have detrimental consequences, and a smartwatch can aid in making sure you are always in the loop. These watches can connect to the internet and to your phone, making sure you will never miss a call or update.

What to Avoid When Using Knife Sharpening Tools


When using a knife sharpener, people often commit some mistakes that might cost them a lot of money down the line.

The reason is that they don’t know the right way of using their tools. So, if you really want to save some money and time, you should pay attention to this short guide of mine.

The one common mistake I often see people make is that they don’t use the correct type of sharpener for their knives. For example, if you want to sharpen your serrated bread knife that hasn’t been touched for a long time, you should stick to a serrated knife sharpener. This type of tool will make your dull serrated knife sharp again in no time.

common mistake knife sharpener

A great example of a multi-purpose tool like that is an electric knife sharpener. And the best part about that type of tool is it won’t require much effort from you when using it. The reason is that almost all of the basic functions have been programmed for you so you don’t have to spend much time figuring out how things work.

Another thing to notice is if you have a ceramic knife sharpener and you want to use it, you need to match it with something similar in materials.

Sure, you might also know that there are multi-purpose sharpeners that you can use for a lot of different types of knives. For example, a good quality sharpening steel can sharpen up your worn out knives with ease. And you can do that without prior knowledge since that type of tool is easy to use.

But I always recommend people to stick to a specialized sharpener for a specific type of knife. If you go that route, I’m sure you will never have to worry about whether the tool would work or not.

Are Knife Sharpeners Really That Important?


You know what?

No matter how careful you keep your knives, they will get dull over time. And when they’re dull, it’s really hard to cut through foods with them.

So, what’s the solution here?

The solution is very simple. You should invest in a decent knife sharpener that can retain the sharpness of your cutleries over time.

There are many choices on the market right now. But you simply can’t pick something up randomly without knowing what you’re looking for. So, what should you do?

The first important thing you should do is to know what type of knives are you looking to sharpen up. This one is important. If you’re an avid hunter, and you want to get your hunting knife back in shape soon, you should buy a hunting knife sharpener.

It’s also correct if you love your fillet knives so much and you want to keep them in good shape for as long as possible, then you should really know what type of sharpener can go well with them.

On the other hand, if you just want to sharpen up your worn out kitchen knives, you might consider something simpler. A decent sharpening stone for kitchen knives might be the way to go. Since the way you use it is very simple, you won’t have to spend much time figuring out which button does what like with other types of sharpeners.

Another thing you should keep in mind is the required space the sharpener might cost you.

If you’re living in a small apartment, with a small kitchen full of things on the top, don’t go with big ones. Instead, I highly recommend you buy a pocket knife sharpener, with which you won’t have to save much space for it.

And finally, you should always keep the price in mind when shopping. Even though high-quality knife sharpeners might cost you more.

But they often bring better and more consistent results compared to cheaper ones. And for the right price range, I suggest you spend between $30 to $100 for the best value per dollar spent.

Is it Possible for You to Bring Your Knives Onboard?


“Can I bring a kitchen knife in my checked luggage?”

That’s the main question, right? A good chef knife is great to have around you all the time because you love it. And there is a considerable number of people prefer keeping a knife around when traveling either for protection or convenience purposes.

There are even people who have a ritual of slipping a pocketknife into their pockets before setting out for the day. However, if you are planning to travel on a plane, you may need to reconsider your decision of packing a kitchen knife in your luggage.

This is because even though you may not have any bad intentions of packing your knife, airport authorities will most likely regard the knife to be a dangerous weapon. Here are some of the things you should know about carrying knives on a plane:

Flying with knives

According to air transport security guidelines, travelers can be allowed to fly with legalized types of knives but cannot bring the blades on board the plane packed in the traveler’s carry-on luggage. The only types of knives that are allowed in the carry-on luggage are plastic and round-bladed butter cutters.

That means even if you love your cleavers or your favorite newly purchased steak knives, you can’t bring them along with you onboard.

Kitchen knives are banned from onboard luggage but can be packed in the other luggage provided they are packed well.

However, there are instances when the airport security may consider confiscating the knife especially if it is not securely packed or if they may deem it as a potential weapon that can be used to harm other travelers or crew.

Which are the provisions for a knife being allowed on a plane?

If you are keen on traveling with a knife during your next trip on a plane, there are certain provisions worth noting.

These provisions provide the basis for which a knife can be allowed in the plane. For starters, the cutter’s blade should not exceed 6 centimeters/2.36 inches in length.

That means shorter knives such as paring knives, or a new collection of carving knives are more likely to be accepted since they’re shorter.

Knives whose blades are longer than this are confiscated as they are regarded to be weapons. Additionally, the blade width should not exceed 0.5 inches at the widest point.

What is more about these provisions is that the cutter should not feature a molded grip or have a locking/fixed blade. Since kitchen blades do not meet these provisions, they are therefore not admissible onboard planes.

Visit knives-sensei.com for more information about your favorite kitchen knives.

Which types of knives are allowed on planes?

There are certain types of knives that can be carried onboard the plane without getting into trouble with airport security.

These blades include hinge corkscrew blades, pocket style knives, and foil cutters. However, it is worth noting that the permissibility of these knives onboard planes are subject to review by the airport security and flight crew.

So, if you’re thinking about bring onboard long bread knives that you really love, you would find it to be pretty hard since they’re much longer than other types of knives.

In most instances, you will most likely be asked to put the blades in any other luggage except that which you are planning to carry onboard the sitting compartment in the plane. Other cutting equipment that you will most probably not be allowed to carry into the plane includes a pair of scissors, machetes and razor blades.

If you are carrying your kitchen knife to the airport and are not allowed to carry it with you to the plane, you can consider leaving behind with the person seeing you off or leave it in your car.

This way, you will still have your knife when you return from your trip rather than have the airport security confiscate it.

The Only Watch Brands That I Trust And Buy From


top watch brands to follow

Recently, Rob, my buddy from WickedCoolWatches.com shared with me his favorite watch brands and reasons why he loved them so much. To be honest, I’m not a big fan of watches. Especially when I’ve been wearing my old Timex watch for the last couple of years without any intention to buy a new one. But after a few hours of chatting, I could finally see why some people are mad about watches.

And to not waste time anymore, here are the top watch brands that Rob loved and wanted to share with me and my readers. Try to see if your favorite brands are here or not.

The first brand that he loves and recommends is Citizen. Yes, the watch powerhouse from Japan that every man and his dog know about. In fact, I believe that my dad used to have a great Citizen men’s watch, even though I couldn’t remember the series.

But after hearing from him and doing some researches online, I can clearly see why this brand has a big number of followers. Their trade-mark technology, the Eco-Drive movement, is the biggest selling point right now for the brand. And if you live a green life, then I highly recommend you take a look at these timepieces.

Another great brand that he talked about a lot was Invicta. Yep, you guessed it right! Invicta has grown into a big watchmaker over the past decades or so. Their wide range of reasonably priced products and their good eyes for styling have been their biggest selling points over other competitors.

You can have a very good looking Invicta watch on your wrist with just a fraction of cost comparing to other products of the same class from other brands. And did I mention that their watches also have great warranty policies as well?

The next one on the list was Bulova. And I’m sure that is a very familiar name to many of you guys. Bulova has been manufacturing and selling their timepieces for a long time. And their reputation as a watchmaker has grown up strong over time. What I love about Bulova watches is that they almost always have something new to show. You can’t find 2 almost-identical Bulova watches even if they belong to the same series.

And what sets this watch brand apart also is that they set their prices at reasonable levels also. That means you get a good deal for your money. And some Bulova watches might be heirlooms that you can give to your child with confidence!

And last but not least, I present to you Casio, another big name in the watch world! Yes, another Japanese powerhouse. And I guess no one could argue about that. Seriously, if you haven’t heard about Casio G-Shock or some other well-known series from the brand, then you might be from another world! Casio has a great reputation in the watchmaking industry. And not just ordinary people who respect them. Even their biggest competitors respect Casio for their innovativeness.

So, next time, if you really want to bring home a good watch that impresses the hell out of everyone around you, I highly recommend a Casio watch. It won’t let you down!

Why Baseball Is Better Than Football?


In the recent past, the popularity of baseball has grown steadily overtaking that of football, especially in the US and Europe. Even in continents like Africa and Asia where football is the predominant sport, a growing number of people are showing great interest in the sport. It is undoubtedly true that baseball is a better and superior sport compared to football. The growing popularity of the sport has lead to an increase in wood bats brands as well as the models and brands of other baseball equipment. Here are some of the top reasons why baseball is superior to football:

Risk of injury

In baseball, players require to have the necessary protective gear before stepping into the pitch to play. This gear provides players with the ultimate protection against all types of injuries while on the pitch. For instance, the helmet provides the best protection against head injuries from flying balls and bats. The foot and hand protection provides protection from injuries to the feet and hands. On the other hand, football players do not have any protection other than on their feet and gloves for the goalkeepers. As such, footballers are more prone to injuries compared to baseball players.


Every baseball stadium is unique

Baseball differs greatly not only with football but also with other sports in terms of stadiums. Every baseball stadium and park features its own design, field dimensions and its own charm. Some baseball parks are pitcher’s parks while others are hitter’s parks. Other parks are there in between. Even though modern football stadiums are unique, they feature standard designs and are similar in appearance. The diversification in baseball parks adds to the fun and excitement of the sport.

All-round skills

Football is a sport that is reserved for specialists whereby most players need to have defined skills and play in one position. Baseball on the other hand is a team game in which the fate of the game can rest in the hands of a single batter to play in the final inning. Baseball players can play in any position and are free to rotate their playing positions depending on the game they are playing. Baseball players do not need to possess all-round skills. This in turn makes it possible for baseball players to play in different positions depending on their strengths. For secrets and tips on how to become a good baseball player, visit Baseball Eagle.

Flexible playing schedules

There is no specific length of time in which baseball should be played while the playing schedule in football is fixed. A full game of football is played for 90 minutes with a 15 minutes break between each 45 minutes halves. In cases when there must be a winner in a particular football game, an additional 30 minutes are added before proceeding to penalty shootouts if the tie is not broken. On the other hand, baseball has no playing limit as extra innings can stretch for hours. The limitless nature of the playing schedules in baseball gives fans added fun and excitement.

Success in baseball is earned

In football, a player can make an instant impact on their teams immediately after leaving high school. On the other hand, in baseball players require to invest their effort and time in the sport before they can accrue great success. This makes it possible for baseball players to work their way up in the sport rather than in football where players only focus on a single skill thus achieving instant success. It is worth noting that football players find it extremely hard to acquire new skills especially if they are considering changing their playing skills.

Baseball is a classic family sport

The most fascinating aspect about baseball is that it is a sport that can be played by everyone in the family. Unlike football, baseball does not have any demanding physiques for the players. As such, the young and the old can play the sport comfortably without straining. Football on the other hand involves a lot of running across the field and thus the players require to be strong physically to withstand the pressure of playing the sport.

Ideally, when you decide to venture into playing baseball, consider investing in good turf shoes. Additionally, find a new bag for baseball for storing your gear and playing equipment and carrying them to the pitch. Baseball is a game for everyone and will ultimately provide you with a great opportunity to work out and burn excess calories.

How Do Baby Monitors See in The Dark?


Have you ever wondered how the best-rated baby monitors are able to create images of a baby’s room when the room is dark? Well, lots of people want to understand how that technology works.

Here we’ll explain how baby monitors use military technology to enable them to create images of a baby’s room when the light low levels in the room are low.

Night Vision Feature

Many baby monitors have a night vision feature that allows the baby’s caretakers to watch the baby from over a long range.

This feature can be turned on in the evening, or the baby monitor can be programmed/set to switch to the night vision feature when the ambient light in the room decreases to a pre-set level.

Near-infrared Spectrum

The images sent to the baby’s caretaker’s iOS device are created by a camera in the baby monitor. The camera is able to create the images by using LED near-infrared light.

The near-infrared light is in the light wavelength of 2500 to 750 nm. It is referred to as near-infrared because it is the part of the infrared spectrum that is close to the visible light spectrum (760 – 380nm).

The near-infrared spectrum cannot be seen by humans. The benefit of using it is that it amplifies the ambient light in the room, and creates images based on that light. Baby monitor cameras can “see” everything in the room, including the baby, clearly.

This is very important when you have two babies that need attention at once.

The problem with near-infrared light is that it can only create images when there is some ambient light in the room. If the room is pitch black, the near-infrared light will not be able to produce enough light for the camera in the baby monitor. Likewise, if you are looking at imagery that is of poor quality, you may be able to improve the quality of the images by adding a small amount of ambient light to the room.

The best part of this is that the amount of light needed to produce good camera images in a “dark” room is quite low, so there is no need to be concerned about the baby being bothered, annoyed, or awaken by the low levels of light needed to create a good camera image.

The near-infrared light is produced by light-emitting diodes (LEDs) that create light or “glow” when electricity passes through the LED wires. Baby monitors can be set to automatically turn on the LEDs when the ambient light in the room decreases to a specific level.

Camera Operation

The camera is mounted on or inside the baby monitor. The LEDs surround the camera and produce light only the camera can see. You can see this feature mostly with digital-based monitors.

The light from the LEDs provides enough light for the camera to create an image. The image created by the camera is sent to an iOS device used by the baby’s caretaker to monitor the baby’s room.


In a nutshell, the baby monitor camera can send the iOS device used by the baby’s caretaker a black and white image of the baby’s room when the room is dark because it has just enough light to create an image.

The baby monitor camera night vision feature makes it easier for people to check on babies without waking them and means that they don’t have to physically go to the baby’s room to check on the baby.

How to Safely Monitor a Sleeping Baby With Baby Monitor


The baby screen enables you to know about commotions made by the baby in your nonappearance. It enables you to hear when your little one wakes.

It additionally securely permits you checking on a resting baby while working around the house.

There are such huge numbers of kinds of baby monitors accessible in the market, from the basic low valued to the top of the line brands such as Levana, Motorola, Samsung, or Summer Infant, that can address the issues all things considered.

The baby screen works as an additional arrangement of ears and, some of the time, eyes that enable you to watch the little one.

It uses a transmitter and recipient. They are really an arrangement of little radio transmitters; a base transmitter that is set close to the baby, and a recipient transmitter that is conveyed alongside you.

They can be worked by batteries or power. Some of them have a compact recipient that can be cut on and taken wherever you go.

There are two sorts of baby monitors, sound monitors, and video monitors.

The sound monitors keep running inside a chose radio recurrence band to send sound from the transmitter to a recipient in a region you will hear it.

Video baby screen uses a table-mounted camera; it enables you to watch over your baby. The greater part of them have night vision highlight, which can be changed to this mode naturally oblivious. Some of them are bi-directional. This element enables you to convey back to the baby.

Other fascinating highlights are remote controls, battery-powered batteries for the collectors, and warning if baby blends or does not mix.

Baby monitors remove the stress from allowing your baby to sit unbothered in a room. You have to comprehend what to search for while picking one for your baby.

Precisely pick the baby screen that offers an extraordinary incentive for your cash and suit with your necessities.

Continuously take guidelines from the producer on the position and utilization. Do not overlook that baby monitor are not substituted for coordinate supervision from you as the parent.

Baby monitors are arranged into four sorts:

1. Sound Monitors

This sort of sound monitor can catch sounds and send it through beneficiary. You can hear if the baby is crying or the baby needs some quick consideration. It generally keeps running on various frequencies to maintain a strategic distance from flag obstructions. It additionally has a low-battery pointer and a volume control to change the sound settings.

2. Video Monitors

As the name propose, this sort of screen can catch pictures and also stable. These pictures can be seen on a TV screen. Some video monitors are outfitted with infrared capacities so the nursery can at present be observed notwithstanding when the lights are off.

3. Sounds-and-Light Monitors

This sort of screen uses sounds and light to demonstrate tyke action. It uses an extraordinary arrangement of LED lights. There are some particular light developments if there is youngster action. Additionally, an option to its central capacities, most monitors of this compose has an out of range light marker moreover.

4. Radio Monitors

With the use of this sort of screen, radios are used to transmit the sound from the baby region to various collectors with the press of a solitary catch. This likewise uses the conventional kind of baby monitors used previously.

These baby monitors work on two sorts of setup, the wired and remote association. The wired association can give you stable association amongst monitors and recipients. The thing here is, you have to run the wires or links through the house and there will be a few troubles in the event that you need to convey the collector anyplace inside the house. The remote association might be better because you can take it anyplace, however, may have issues with flag interferences from other household machines. The scope of the flag may likewise be a factor.